The Remedy Podcast

The One on Race Amity and Forgiveness

September 21, 2021 WEBB Squared & Afro Future Productions Season 1 Episode 8
The Remedy Podcast
The One on Race Amity and Forgiveness
Show Notes

"The Remedy" is a joint podcast between WEBB Squared "Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses" and Afro Future Productions.

Meet "The Remedy" hosts:

  • Stephanie Terry, Executive Director of WEBB Squared
  • Rinnie Orr, Associate Director
  • Mashallah Salaam, Podcast Producer and Media Specialist.

In this episode - we keep it real y'all - 

  • by beginning our Conscious Conversation with thoughts on race amity and allyship,
  • which quickly moves into a discussion on forgiveness and Stephanie lifts up a new paradigm on forgiveness before we...
  • begin discussing the practicality of living our lives aware enough to create a new world and way of being...
  • and we end our conversation on slave theology and the "theology of powerlessness" 

In this episode, we also lift up one of our WEBB Squared entrepreneurs, Joshua Weaver, and his business JW Organizer. You can read more about Joshua in Dance, Praise, Care and Organize: Meet Joshua Weaver, a WEBB Squared Entrepreneur.

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