The Remedy Podcast

The One on Resilience and Clara Brown

August 31, 2021 WEBB Squared & Afro Future Productions Season 1 Episode 5
The Remedy Podcast
The One on Resilience and Clara Brown
Show Notes

"The Remedy" is a joint podcast between WEBB Squared "Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses" and Afro Future Productions.

Meet "The Remedy" hosts:

  • Stephanie Terry, Executive Director of WEBB Squared
  • Rinnie Orr, Associate Director
  • Mashallah Salaam, Podcast Producer and Media Specialist.

In this episode:

  • We talk about and define "resilience",
  • We discuss post traumatic stress
  • We explore living within systemic structures that effect a person's abilities to be resilient
  • We lift up the life, work and resiliency of Clara Brown, a former enslaved woman who became a community leader, philanthropist, and a prosperous entrepreneur and  made her mark as Colorado's first black settler.

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